Disassembly info for Nokia 6600!

First, tools...

I used small screwdriver(*sd), torx 6(*t6) and a small pin(*sp) for prying the cover up...

Turn off phone, remove backcover, battery, mmc card and your simcard.

Insert the small screwdriver in one of these whole and "feel" the little tap in there and then push, you will see the cover lifting a bit, next take the pin and start at the bottom of the phone, pushing it in between the cover and the phoneshell, remember to keep constant pressure on the sd while prying along the bottom and lifting the cover taps.

When you get all around the phone to the next whole(red circles), then remove the sd from the other whole and insert it to the next. Apply pressure, cover will lift, and you can pry it open with the sp. Again remove the sd from the whole and use it to lirk the cover moving towards the top of the phone, one tap at the time, doing it on both sides.

This should be the result after 10 mins work.

Now use the t6 for unscrewing the screws located here:

After unscrewing the screws, four taps are holding the screen part and the PCB in place these are located here:

Use either the sd or sp to lirk down the spaces between shell and screen part. A little click tells you when you hit the tap, doesn't require any force, just find the tap and apply a little pressure... You should now be looking at this:

For removing the PCB you need to turn it so that the PCB is lying on the table and gently press with your fingers on the PCB, in the holes for the mmc and sim card spaces.

Now you should have this:

You have now disassembled your nokia 6600! :)

Additional info:

When putting the phone back together be aware of dust, f%&//(ing irritating to have dust on a color screen, and the front cover is very "soft", not like a 3310 cover for ex. this means that if you are not careful in the "opening" process you may do some nasty marks along the side of the front cover... - Ebay is by the way selling these in almost all colors now, so dont start crying if you fucked it up... - Just buy a new one... :)

Oh and I take no responsibility if you fuck up anything about this operation... - I only did it because my phone was already disfunctional... Remember, ANTISTATIC!!! - The PCB should be shown just as much care as when you're messing the home computer...!

My advice, don't open it unless you are sure about what you're doing, and there is no other way your phone will live again... And as far as I know, warranty does not cover fat fingers screwing up...!

Sorry for my english, I'm danish.


Made by dabp