Construction Projects



Document Description
torx176.pdf Toshiba TORX176 Fibre Optic Receiving Module.
totx176.pdf Toshiba TOTX176 Fibre Optic Transmitting Module.
ua741.pdf Texas Instruments 741 Op-Amp
opamps.pdf Understanding Operational Amplifier Specifications İTexas Instruments
74hc04.pdf Texas Instruments 74HC04
lm35a.pdf National Semiconductor LM35DZ
mc14c88.pdf Motorola 14C88 Quad Low Power Line Driver
mc14c89.pdf Motorola 14C89 Quad Low Power Line Receiver



Interfacing the Casio/Boss Digital Diary to a PC
Garmin GPS Interfacing for the  PC
Useful Cables (Laplink, Null Modem etc...)
PC Temperature Controlled Fan Interface
SPDIF Optical to Co-Ax Converter
Car Light Reminder