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Suggested Supplies

The Bostik glue and thinner is not commonly available but I have found a few places to get it.

Personally I would get the glue via ebay or Triple L unless you are close to one of the other stores where you can collect. The thinner wont have any shelf life so getting 5L of it is fine.


Chlorination involves the production of chlorine gas which binds to the rubber molecules and results in the texture of the rubber becoming very smooth. You no longer need to talk or lubricate the clothing in order to put it on! Until I have time to write up all the notes I will lust list a few pointers below :-

See Catalyst latex for an excellent guide to chlorination. Here is a list of possible things you may wish to get :-

Some people say to use gloves but the concentration of bleach is very low and the acidity when diluted is far less than that of the acid in fruit so its not necessary. However if you don't use gloves your hands will smell of chlorine for a while just like after visiting a swimming pool. The mask works out to be the most expensive part but you could have a fan blowing across in front of you so the chlorine given off from the bucket is blown away from your face. As I scuba dive I used to breath off a diving regulator but found unless you blocked your nose you still tended to breath some in which wasn't good so I now use a mask and filter.
The guide says to use a ratio of 60ml bleach to 10ml of spirit of salt with 2L of water. A later posting by Gord on rubberpal mentioned that he has found that the thin bleach from Tesco appears to have become a little weaker and he now uses double the bleach content. I now normally use 4L of water in the bucket (a 2L coke bottle makes a very handy measuring container) and then add the 200ml of bleach. The Spirit of salts that I linked above contains 25% acid so I add 20ml. I have found this tends to work better than a lower bleach concentration aswell. If you don't find it particularly easy to work out then MrMucox has produced a nice tool here to make it easier for you. I would suggest entering a bleach concentration of 3% (the spirit of salts I linked to is 25%) and use the Litres column for measuring. The imperial columns are US versions and are different than the old UK measurements.

Other Useful Suppliers

Le Prevo - buckles, d rings, eyelets, studs, webbing, leather etc...
S3i - D rings, shackles, wire etc...
G S Products - D rings, shackles, wire etc...
Mistral Chemicals - Dimethicone (latex shiner)

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