Tank top

Latex Tank Top Download Pattern

This is a very simple pattern to make. The pattern is for a 38-40in chest and stomach.

The pattern is easy to modify so if you are a 44in chest then the latex should be around 42in (0.4 mm latex can stretch up to 10% comfortable but you want room for your stomach to expand so 5% is a good value). You should then add an inch for the two seams as they overlap which gives you 43in. Each part should therefore be cut so that it is 21.5in wide.

Start off by gluing the side seams and always start from the top and work downwards. When done gently put it on and test for size and check where to glue the shoulder straps. They should be correct but if your chest is smaller or larger than your stomach you may the straps are loose (smaller chest) or it sits a bit high (thinner waist). If you are very slim you might wish to extend the length of the shoulder straps in the pattern just to give you some extra to play with. Then glue the straps and try it on again.

The top might be a little longer than you wish. The pattern is fairly long in order to cater for taller people and also if you are using thin latex its quite common to find the latex doesn't quite meet at the end (that's why you always start from the top) so the first thing to do is mark the latex and then cut to the desired length.

Next apply a reinforcement patch underneath the seams on top of the shoulder straps. You are likely to stretch these quite a lot when putting on and taking off the top and this will help stop the seams from splitting. Apply a small patch either side at the bottom of the tank top.

Finally apply a square patch under the arms. The pattern has the two latex parts coming together in a 'V' pattern which is a bad stress point so apply the patch so that is covers this and 'fills in' the 'V'. Then using a small rotary cutter trim it into a smooth curve.

It should now be good to wear.

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